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35mm Slide Viewer

Whether you are into macro photography or simply want to display slides of family photos, a 35mm slide viewer is exactly what you need.


Before moving to the digital age, a lot of both amateur and professional photographers have used 35mm film cameras and own hundreds of slides, if not thousands.


With prices ranging from less than $10 to around $100, 35mm slide viewers basically consist of a light bulb, a screen that “decodes” the negative image and a magnifying lens that either projects the slide onto a wall or displays it on a built-in screen.


The slide viewers are typically powered by standard AA batteries, while some may come with power cords for socket connections.


Some 35 mm slide viewer models come with larger magazines where you can store more than one slide, and a mechanism to cycle through them and create a slide show. Other professional devices allow the user to display up to nine slides at the same time, which could be particularly useful in comparative image presentations.  



slide viewer

35mm slide viewer

35mm slide viewer

One of the uses professional photographers have found for a 35mm slide viewer is in the process of turning hundreds of 35mm slides into digital formats via 35mm slide converters. Pre-screening the images before taking the time and effort to scan them is where this tool comes in extremely handy, as it can save countless hours if you only wish to retrieve a handful of slides.  


35mm Slide Viewers – Buying Considerations 


When shopping for 35mm slide viewers, keep in mind that some of the best deals out there can be found online. A lot of regional distributers only choose to sell their merchandise to large online retailers, because these can guarantee a fairly large turnover, so they spend less on logistics and customer care; the fewer customers while keeping the same monthly sales figures, the better.  


Additionally, online retailers for 35 mm slide viewers have less overhead, like building rent, utilities, show rooms or sales personnel. Thus, they can focus their logistics on customer care, offering better rates for shipping and handling (for example, by delivering products locally with their own vehicles and outsourcing shipments for international orders) and can offer better price than traditional brick and mortar shops, while still keeping a good profit margin. 


35mm viewer   35 mm slide viewer   35mm slide viewers   35 mm slide viewer


Keep in mind that most online shops offer rebate coupons that you can qualify for. Some provide you with free shipping if the order is above a certain amount, some offer rebates if you are a returning customer and some might offer additional products at a discounted rate if you buy them together with a 35mm slide viewer.  


Whether you choose to buy a 35mm slide viewer online or not, you should first look for reviews. Look for product presentations in photography magazines, join niche forums and, in general, try to see what other people have to say about the gadget. A couple good models on the market these days are produced by the Pana Vue and Kaiser Diascop brand names. One specific model is discussed in the video below.



In this Web 2.0 age, more and more online shops also offer customer reviews with each product, which makes your shopping experience even more pleasant. If you see, for example, a product with 40 positive ratings, it is a good sign!


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